Walter Adams

Walter Adams

Certified Kolbe Consultant
Business Coach

When you need someone to think, to really stop and consider, weigh, analyze and put together a strategy that makes sense – Walter’s your guy. Perhaps his thoughtful leadership has been passed down from his great great great great grand father who was mayor of Chicago, twice. In either case, Walter knows how to think carefully, and lead well.

A self-described “big picture” thinker, Walter is active with our team and our clients in financial modeling for businesses and strategic plans. He shifted from a successful corporate role, to pursue something that had always been in the back of his mind: teaching and consulting. Now, in addition to his work at WealthPlanners, he teaches business leadership, strategy, finance, general management, project management, operations, and business ethics for various universities in the Chicago area.

Walter is a bit of an introvert, but don’t confuse that with being shy. He’s been a business leader his entire career and continues to drive results for our clients, and provide invaluable guidance to WealthPlanners.