Bill Miller

Investment and Portfolio Manager

Different people like different things. And Bill, unlike many, likes problems. Give him a tough problem to solve and you’ll see his best come to the forefront.

Bill grew up in Lake Geneva and has been working in the finance world for 20 years. There are very few situations that he hasn’t seen, and fewer still that he hasn’t been able to help his clients fix. And that’s his professional passion: let me fix the problem. While people are thinking about it, or trying to figure out how it happened, Bill’s fixing it.

He’s not always recognized as the “people person” that he really is, because his mind is solving things for people. But he does the work because he cares about the person, the individual that’s struggling, worrying, or hoping for something better.

A golf fan and sports enthusiast, Bill’s fast mind and focus on action makes him an asset to the firm, and to every he client serves.