Mike Scott

Wealth Planner

When we asked Mike what he liked about his job, he said this: “Working in group benefits is deeply rewarding. It seems, sometimes, that only really successful people get the attention when it comes to planning for the future. But I get to help people no matter where they are in their wealth journey.”

When you meet him, you’ll realize how true that is. Mike is thoughtful. He’s not the guy with the quick answers, or a schmoozer, or pushy. He’s thoughtful. He wants to understand what matters to you, what the environment is, and what could impact the goals you have, whether you’re a plan sponsor or a participant. And when he has a good lay of the land, he brings great answers, carefully considered ideas, and a plan to get there.

Mike has spent 25 years in the financial services world, and helps our clients make important and thoughtful financial decisions every day.