We help families and businesses grow and protect what they've built.
We help families and businesses grow and protect what they've built.
We help families and businesses grow and protect what they've built.

How we do it​

The future begins with a thought – your thought. And that means that true wealth planning needs to begin by understanding what’s on your mind, what matters to you, and why it’s important.

It’s common for financial advisors and benefits consultants to quickly move to a conversation about specific tactics, solutions or products before taking the time to really know what you want to achieve. We don’t work that way.

You need someone who understands how you want the future to be, and once we do, we want to help you build a practical plan that can move you closer to that future. We call these “Above The Line™” conversations, and they’re the cornerstone of a solid plan.

Once your vision is clear and your goals are set, we’ll begin the planning process to develop creative solutions and a plan to implement it. With your approval, we’ll help you act on that plan, manage its results and respond to changes that may show up along the way.

Planning is more than a spreadsheet, and wealth is more than money.​

40 years of wealth planning and benefits consulting has made it very clear that a plan isn’t about a financial forecast; it’s about facing reality and finding a path to the future you want. It’s also shown us that real wealth transcends the bank account. True wealth is a measure of whatever matters most to you.

When we plan, coach and support our clients we get to witness something very powerful; people moving toward a future of their own design. Few things are more rewarding.

Your needs change over time, and you need a firm that can change with you. That’s why we designed WealthPlanners to deliver solutions that our clients need and value. They include:

Personal Planning Services

  • Legacy Wealth Optimization System™
  • Wealth Coaching
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Insurance Analysis
  • The Ultimate Gift Experience

Business-Focused Services

  • Qualified & Non-qualified Plans
  • Key Employee Programs
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Business Coaching
  • Kolbe Consulting